Synergy Comp’s Hands-On Approach

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Synergy Comp’s Hands-On Approach

Synergy Comp Insurance Company’s foundation is built on the concept of being “hands-on.” What does that mean?

We take pride in being a company that is proactive. Instead of reacting to issues as they occur, we maintain a hands-on, proactive approach so that when challenges do arise, we’re already steps ahead.

Hands-on also means that we are getting to know our clients, the employees, and their businesses. We work with the CEO, the management team, and the employees to create a culture that fosters communication and embraces safety as a core operating principle.

For companies in Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania that are facing challenges with Workers’ Compensation and believe in Transitional Return-to-Work plans, Synergy Comp is the ultimate partner in Underwriting and Risk Analysis, Loss Prevention, Claims Management, and creating a culture of accountability.

Among all insurance companies that write policies with $100,000 minimum in annual Workers’ Compensation premium, Synergy Comp is the only one that is hands-on, provides tools to create a safer work environment, and, on average, lowers claim costs by 62% after four years in industries including agriculture, food service, healthcare, manufacturing, schools, service and waste management.

The experienced safety professionals from our sister company, SOS Safety Solutions, conduct Loss Prevention walkthroughs of all facilities to become thoroughly familiar with every facet of your business.  A quote and supporting analysis is then presented to top-level management in face-to-face meetings.

It’s all about “shaking hands, speaking together in person, and communicating with honesty, passion, and integrity.”

Finally, our hands-on approach is where our clients find the true value in our services. We seek to create long-term relationships with our clients and our partner agents that are mutually beneficial and aimed at growth.

We deliver significant value and superior service, enabling the organizations with whom we work to achieve substantial ROI on their Workers’ Compensation dollars.

Synergy of Safety®


Are you ready to get serious about improving safety and lowering their Workers’ Compensation costs?  We are the best-in-class option for clients who demand excellence and are willing to achieve superior results.

Have your agent Contact us today to learn how Synergy Comp and SOS Safety Solutions can work with you!

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