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As an insurance agent, your workers’ compensation clients, especially those with higher-than-normal experience mod rates and the higher-than-average costs that go with them, expect you to help them overcome the difficult challenges they face. If you’re struggling to meet their needs or want to do more than simply write a plan that reflects the costs associated with their elevated experience modification rate, Synergy Comp may be the answer for you and for them.


Our workers’ comp insurance company specializes in providing highly effective workers’ compensation and workplace safety solutions that seamlessly combine innovative claims resolution, risk management, and loss prevention strategies with a total commitment to creating a culture within the workplace that embraces safety as a core operating principle. This unique fusion of real-world solutions and cultural change not only yields cost savings that can reach 61%, it provides an impressive ROI on the workers’ comp dollars your clients do spend.


That means Synergy Comp gives them a critical edge over their competition and you a real advantage over agents in your area who do not offer Synergy Comp’s innovative solutions. Because the successful implementation of our program requires total commitment from us and the partners we work with, we offer our products to only a well-defined target market.

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If your client base encompasses employers who meet the following criteria, Synergy may be the solution for them and for you:

CEO and management must be totally committed to embracing workplace safety as encompassed in the Synergy of Safety® model as a core operating principle.

The company has a current experience modification rate of 1.0 or higher, or is seeking improved loss prevention or claims management solutions.

The company’s annual workers’ compensation premium is over $100,000.

The company’s primary business operations are conducted within four walls or controlled environment.

The majority of the workforce is located in Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey or Pennsylvania.

Management is 100% committed to implementing a Transitional Return To Work program.

Transportation exposure as a primary job function (if applicable) does not exceed 25% of total payroll.

Management allows Synergy Comp to conduct an on-site loss prevention walk-through prior to preparing our quote.

Top level management, including the CEO and other decision-makers, agrees to meet in person to receive our quote and supporting analysis.

Synergy Comp takes client satisfaction seriously. We are pleased to announce that as of 12/31/2018, Synergy Comp has a +78 Net Promoter Score!

If you have clients who meet this profile and you want to offer them the most effective solution

available for their workers’ compensation challenges, contact Synergy today.

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