Frequently Asked Questions From Brokers

What are the submittal requirements?

Download a PDF Detailing Our Client Profile & Qualified Submissions

What is your appetite?

In general, we look toward predominantly 4 walled exposure: A more detailed list of class codes by state is listed below.

How do I get appointed?

Please request a visit from Production Underwriting or contact us at

Can I get an option for my client that is not Guaranteed Cost?

We do offer a large deductible solution as well.

My client has exposures in many states. Is that something you can underwrite?

Please contact us for more information. We are able to cover different types of exposures in various geographies.

What is your LCM and do you have a credit/debit structure?
  • In PA we have 2 different LCM’s based on the paper, one is 1.37, the other is 1.45.
  • In MI our LCM is 1.479.
  • In MD our LCM is 1.747.
  • In all states we have a 25% debit/credit structure.
Do you offer A.M. Best A rated paper?

Yes, in all states we offer an A.M. Best A rated solution.

What can my client expect and what is my involvement?

As an agent, your involvement is generally up to you. We will request your attendance at any senior management level meetings, and you are invited to any of our kickoff meetings and Loss Prevention walk-throughs.

How do you measure client satisfaction?

Synergy Comp takes client satisfaction seriously. We are pleased to announce that as of 12/31/2018, Synergy Comp has a +78 Net Promoter Score!

What is your commission structure?

Please ask your Production Underwriter.

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