For Businesses – Our Process

Our process starts with your commitment to Transitional Return to Work and a desire to improve the safety culture at your workplace. Once this commitment is obtained, we implement our claims handling and loss prevention solutions to round out our three-pronged approach.

You are assigned a single Claims Manager to handle all of your claims, from report-only claims to serious accidents. Our Claims Managers handle about 60 claims at any given time, affording them the opportunity to investigate claims in depth, interviewing the employee who made the claim and determining the best way to return the injured employee back to work.


This Claims Manager also works closely with the Safety Professional assigned to you, helping coordinate post-accident interviews, working with medical professionals to coordinate treatments and develop job descriptions that accommodate the injured employee, and helping return employees to work as quickly as possible.


The Safety Professional assigned to you will visit your facility on a monthly basis. This visit results in an audit of a specific part of your facility and generates a report card for your review. This audit report is sent monthly so your management team can review the scores, see what actions are being taken, and be kept apprised of any issues that may have arisen. In addition to presenting our Transitional Return to Work program and helping you understand the injury review process, the Safety Professional will also provide the following:

Supervisor accident investigation training

Accident repeater investigation

Hiring and training process review

In addition, the Safety Professional will present the overall findings to your team twice a year and will meet one-on-one with the CEO to discuss the effects of our process about 9 months into every policy year.


The Safety Professional, working together with claims handling, creates a culture shift toward safety and accountability. Together with your commitment to transitional return to work and desire to improve, they form the three-pronged approach needed to improve safety, reduce accident frequency and severity, and ultimately lower your premium and experience mod over time.



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