Loss Prevention

Partnering with Synergy Comp means obtaining the services of a highly trained and experienced workers’ comp Safety Professional.


This Safety Professional becomes an extension of your organization, providing monthly feedback and guidance as the culture shift begins that drives you toward improved safety and accountability.



Each workers’ comp Safety Professional begins engagement with a new client by becoming thoroughly familiar with every facet of the business. We also conduct a comprehensive study of accidents that occurred in past years, identify frequency patterns, study accident severity, and review the overall facility operations.


Together with the policyholder, the Safety Professional identifies and targets for special attention any departments or employees that have demonstrated a higher-than-normal propensity for injuries.



The workers’ comp Safety Professional works proactively with HR to develop guidelines for future hire employees, ensuring new hires have the proper training, have exceeded any functional capacity testing requirements, and are ready to make a positive contribution to the policyholders’ bottom line.


Our proactive approach is a multi-stage process in which we systematically analyze dozens of critical HR components and report back our findings, along with a series of prioritized recommendation.



In addition to looking inward, the Safety Professional presents and reviews with the policyholder a comprehensive risk analysis that compares injury statistics to those experienced by other companies in the same or similar industry.


This comparison, along with the results of the internal study, is used to develop the customized business plan that puts our clients on the road to a safer workplace. This road is a culture shift of increased safety and accountability which results in reduced injuries, lower claims and workers’ comp premiums, and increased profits.

Because accomplishing these goals requires a significant amount of effort, time and attention, our Safety Professionals are assigned to a limited number of clients. That ensures our Safety Professionals are available for the monthly safety audits as well as immediately following an accident or anytime our clients need them.


Along with developing and assisting in the implementation of the customized business plan that is at the core of our workers’ compensation solutions, each of Synergy’s Safety Professionals also:

Helps clients formalize their safety programs.

Trains supervisors to properly investigate workers’ compensation claims.

Trains HR in safety-focused hiring packages.

Assists in the implementation of programs that foster a company culture recognizing safety as a core principle.

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