Synergy Comp & SOS Consulting Help Living Branches Cut Claim Costs in Half!

Synergy Comp & SOS Consulting Help Living Branches Cut Claim Costs in Half!

Synergy Comp and SOS Consulting are pleased to present their latest risk management success story!

Living Branches is a not-for-profit system of retirement and family living communities in southeastern Pennsylvania.  The organization exists to provide and maintain life-enriching experiences for those residents who live at each of their communities.

Synergy  and SOS Consulting began working hand-in-hand with Living Branches in 2015. Corrective actions and open communication resulted in a decrease in claim frequency and an overall improvement in the safety culture. Living Branches now has a more proactive approach when it comes to safety.

“We have been with Synergy for several years,” says Kathy Shott, Chief Human Resources Officer. “They delivered on what they promised – our MOD has decreased.”  

Upon partnering with Synergy Comp and SOS Consulting, the three have worked hand-in-hand to produce impressive results.


Results From Our Hands-On Approach

Synergy Comp Insurance Company’s foundation is built on the concept of being “hands-on.” What does that mean? We take pride in being a company that is proactive. Instead of reacting to issues as they occur, we maintain a hands-on, proactive approach so that when challenges do arise, we’re already steps ahead.

The Synergy Comp model helped Living Branches drive down claim costs and frequency which resulted in a reduced mod and insurance premium. More importantly, we helped Living Branches reduce workplace accidents and provided a happier and healthier team for the insured.



Annualized Total Incurred Cost                        $388,425

Average Claim Cost                                               $9,664

Experience MOD                                                     1.25


Annualized Total Incurred Cost                        $175,893

Average Claim Cost                                               $5,108

Experience MOD                                                     .958


Annualized Total Incurred Cost                        55% Decrease

Average Claim Cost                                               47% Decrease

Experience MOD                                                     23% Decrease

*With Synergy Data as of 10/9/2018


Synergy Comp and SOS Consulting continues to identify existing and evolving risk factors, then work with management to implement changes that will reduce injuries, improve employee morale, increase productivity, and boost profitability, quarter after quarter, year after year. 

If you’re interested in improving your workplace safety or learning more about our hands-on approach, click the button below!

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Partner Relationship

The partner relationship between Synergy Comp and SOS Consulting helped create a safer workplace for the team. Through a strong claims processrisk assessment and loss prevention plan, the healthcare company was able to quickly improve their workplace safety!

If you have a healthcare company that could benefit from similar results, contact us today to learn how Synergy Comp and SOS Consulting can work with your client or prospect.

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*Details on Living Branches are directly from their website as of 9/18/2018.

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