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Our Core Values

Synergy Comp is a team of dedicated and experienced professionals. We create long-term relationships with our clients and our partner agents by delivering significant value and superior service. We believe in doing what is right, just, and fair in all our business dealings.


For our clients, business partners, and each other, we commit to meeting or exceeding the following core values and behaviors:

Leadership PhotoLeadership

We support and encourage individual leadership, and foster our team members’ ability to lead or guide other individuals, teams, the entire organization, and our clients. We believe that shared goals and a shared inspirational vision motivates and empowers us to reach our goals and attain our vision.

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Embrace Teamwork

We prioritize open communication between all levels within Synergy, as well as in our client and partner relationships. We foster an environment of teamwork and respect. We embrace teamwork; understanding that diversity is key to providing exceptional service.


Each team member is expected to justify their actions or decisions while on-the-job. We respect the value and talent that each team member contributes to our organization, and we find every employee accountable for Synergy’s success.

Do What is Right Just Fair

Do what is Right, Just & Fair

We commit to maintaining honesty, integrity, fairness, and the highest of ethical standards in all that we do, and believe that living these values create a positive work environment. We analyze and evaluate situations before determining how to proceed. We act appropriately based on facts rather than biases or personal feelings.

Tony & Corry ContractSynergy of Safety

We help our clients by strategizing solutions to mitigate potential workplace hazards for employees. We guide our clients in shaping the vision and building the systems that will create safer work environments, minimizing losses from injuries and accidents. The Synergy of Safety model will change our clients’ safety culture.

Dale CarnegieContinuous Improvement

We embrace challenge, we take initiative, and we face change head-on. We collaborate with co-workers to learn new processes and procedures that will allow our company to progress. We commit to continuous improvement in service so that we will deliver high satisfaction and superior results to our clients.

ConferenceInitiate & Live Each Day with Passion & Dedication

We approach our work eagerly and enthusiastically. We bring passion and commitment to every task we face. Employees know to initiate a positive attitude within the workplace. We work to ensure that complacency and mediocrity have no place in our organization.

Kristin TateCommunication

We prioritize open communication between all levels within Synergy, as well as in our client and partner relationships. Our organization is honest, open and transparent with each business decision decided.

By following and understanding these core values, the employees can LEAD SCIC to success.

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