Does Your Workers’ Compensation Carrier Deliver These Results?

Does Your Workers’ Compensation Carrier Deliver These Results?

You may think every Workers’ Compensation carrier is created equal. The tough news is, they’re not.

The Synergy Comp model helps your insureds to drive down claim costs and frequency which results in a reduced mod and insurance premiums. More importantly, we help reduce workplace accidents to provide a happier and healthier team for your insured.

We identify existing and evolving risk factors, then work with management to implement changes that will reduce injuries, improve employee morale, increase productivity, and boost profitability, quarter after quarter, year after year. 



Here’s how we perform:

  • 32% reduction in experience mod
  • 38% premium savings over 4 years
  • 63% reduction in average annual cost
  • 22% reductions in claims frequency
  • 82% of claims resolved in less than 90 days
  • <3% of claims to litigation vs. 10% industry average


Check out our QuickGuides for Synergy Comp’s preferred class of business:


If you’ve been searching for a solution to your Workers’ Compensation challenges that will enable you to cut costs by as much as 63% while generating an impressive return on investment, you’ve found it in the Workers’ Compensation insurance specialists at Synergy Comp.  

Contact us today to learn how Synergy Comp and SOS Consulting can work with your client or prospect!

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