About Us

Workers’ compensation can be a dark cloud that hangs over businesses in any industry — from manufacturing, to education, to nursing homes. Every day company decision-makers do their best to increase profits and grow their businesses, but in the back of their minds, there are always the “what if’s.”

  • What if one of my employees is seriously injured?

  • What if we don’t have enough coverage?

  • What if too many of our employees are hurt on the job and we lose money?

Those “what if’s” are what Synergy Comp President, Lew Kachulis, experienced firsthand. Lew was president of an insurance agency and learned how many companies viewed workers’ compensation — a confusing, burden some expense that bruised bottom lines — and he knew there was a way to make things better for everyone involved. Synergy Comp grew out of Kachulis’ belief that workers’ compensation could be a catalyst for positive change in the workplace if teams took a more hands-on approach in preventing injury.

“I’m pleased to report that we’ve been proven right every day since we wrote our initial account in 2006. Within four years, we reduced our first client’s annual workers’ compensation premium by more than $140,000 and slashed their yearly average claim cost by nearly $250,000. It’s important to note that those savings were realized in direct costs alone. When you consider that numerous studies show the indirect costs of injuries may be up to 20 times greater, it’s easy to understand why our client relationships are long term.” - Lew Kachulis, President and CEO of Synergy Comp

As a hands-on company, Synergy Comp has produced safer work environments, fewer injuries, greater productivity, increased profits, and real return on the dollars “invested” in Synergy Comp’s innovation solutions.