Synergy Comp has a unique approach to helping high risk companies work to reduce workplace accidents by focusing on a Synergy of Safety® approach. We find that our client can help tell the story of their progress and success far better than we can.

“We have been with Synergy for several years and they have delivered on what they promised – our MOD has decreased.  I appreciate Synergy’s philosophy of putting their best claims people on each claim right from the start, rather than waiting until things go bad and then putting their top employee on the case; which is what we have experienced with our carriers.  The partnership with SOS Consulting through Synergy has been extremely helpful. Monthly walk-through safety audits and interviews with injured employees have been very useful in containing our worker comp costs.”

Kathy Shott, Living Branches

“The SOS Model helps us reduce our claim’s frequency and the open communication with our Claim’s Managers lets the employee know that we’re on their side. The greatest benefit has been the reduction in our experience mod.  In 2016, our mod was .644 which ranked us first in trash and recycling companies in the state of Pennsylvania.  We also went three years with zero lost time accidents.”

Rachael Farber, A.J. Blosenski, INC.

“We have reduced our incident rate in the last 4 years by over 50%. We were at a mod rate of 1.8 prior to going with Synergy and now we are currently at .85. We truly count Synergy as a team, team members, and accountability partners.”

Phil McClay, ALL Holding, LLC.

“They’re here to make your business as profitable as it can be, and make sure your employees go home at the end of the day safely. We have made some great progress in the last couple of years; specifically since Synergy has come on board to assist us.”

Michael Grimm, American Eagle Paper Mills

“Our experience has clearly exceeded our expectations. In our particular case, our e-mod history went from 1.844 to 1.566 over 14 months and I must say this is pretty impressive. This is a union company, we have a great relationship with our union team and everybody has bought into what Synergy has done to create the safest possible work environment.”

John Berkley, Berkley Medical

“I appreciate the team effort that we have with handling safety in our facility, on our grounds as well as handling the workers’ comp claims when they happen. We’ve seen a big decrease in our safety costs and our workers’ comp costs which has really helped us have success in our business.”

Christy Beckner, Cross Keys Village

“From start to finish it was a very smooth process.  We were hesitant to have a buy-in from the insured because of the additional SOS Program, however, the client was 100% on board with the philosophy of the hands-on approach and clicked immediately with the Synergy staff.  Synergy continues to have boots on the ground, hands-on approach as they do a great job monitoring claims, holding the insured accountable, and educating not only the supervisors and staff but the safety director as well.  I am specifically appreciative that Synergy encourages me to be involved in all business dealings.  I am building a road for a long-term relationship for Synergy and the insured.”

Brian Reilly, Helmbold & Stewart, Inc.

“Synergy is a proven asset to my client. Not only do they provide insurance and remuneration for claims, but they are heavily invested in the safety culture my client is trying to promote. They are proactive in developing best-in-class practices but also work tirelessly when a problem presents itself. Simply put, Synergy helps drive down long term cost through their proven method and forward thinking people.”

Nathan Burtt, HUB International 

“Synergy Comp has been such a pleasure to work with.  Their philosophy on customer service and hands-on approach works hand in hand with our same philosophy, so I am confident when we bring them into my client, that my client will receive amazing service from their entire team. Synergy Comp and SOS Safety Solutions have done an amazing job with my clients, and have really made them aware of how claims can be detrimental to their insurance premium. The education for the clients is so incredibly valuable. No other carrier can compete against Synergy Comp’s customer service and attention to detail.”

Vanessa Routzahn, Wright-Gardner Insurance, Inc.

Kevin Dougher Professional Photo“Synergy is a perfect match for Johnson Kendall Johnson’s proprietary delivery of Risk Management services to our clients.  We are able to divide and conquer all of the safety management issues that our clients have, relative to workers compensation, instead of asking and waiting for support.  The engagement with Synergy has been smooth from the onset.  The accountability that Synergy places on itself and the SOS Solution arm is a nice change from the status quo. Synergy has the ability to effectuate change and develop a long-term partnership with our firm and our clients.  This symbiotic partnership is the key to success!”

Kevin P. Dougher, Johnson Kendall Johnson

Paul McFarlane Professional Headshot“A senior living facility client of mine had been struggling to contain losses, especially avoiding the one large loss. Needing a hands-on risk management direction, we engaged Synergy. Since then, losses are way down, large losses have been avoided, the Experience Mod is dropping and so is the premium. Synergy is made up of a group of professionals who enthusiastically perform their duties day in and day out.”

Paul McFarlane, VP, HUB International

Roy Wilson Professional Photo“SOS/Synergy has been a great help to our clients and thus it is easy to recommend their services.  Without question, from our experience, the Loss Control and Claims Management Services provided by these organizations deliver positive results.  Communication is enhanced and individual responsibilities are established.  Insureds will see fewer claims and the claims that do have will be quickly and effectively managed.  The bottom line will be a safer work environment, a reduction in your Experience Modification factor and consequently lower premiums.  SOS/Synergy deliver as promised.”

Roy Wilson, The Hatfield Group, LLC

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