Synergy Comp has a unique approach to helping high risk companies work to reduce workplace accidents by focusing on a Synergy of Safety® approach. We find that our client can help tell the story of their progress and success far better than we can.

Business Testimonials
Modern Mushroom Farms, Inc is very pleased with the services provided by Synergy Insurance. Our injuries are thoroughly investigated by their bilingual staff. For this reason, we have saved a substantial amount in insurance claims. Every month they do a visit and report back to us of safety exposures. It keeps the supervisors aware of the importance of working safely. Our employee claims have drastically reduced and work accidents are only minor ones. They are a great insurance company and I would recommend them to anyone.
Jackie Lugo
Agriculture / Modern Mushroom Farm
"SOS has provided a no nonsense risk safety/management, advising on how to manage low & high risk situations in a professional manner, and in an affordable and practical way. Our SOS rep, has provided training in handling safety concerns and helped to point out items that may cause issues. The professional service we received is an absolute credit to SOS and Margaret. From start to finish, they were available by phone/e-mail to discuss any issues and helped greatly with regard to other safety items. We are extremely satisfied with the service we received. They give excellent advice with regular communication on our claims. Throughout my dealings with Synergy & SOS, I was impressed with the level of communication with regular updates received all in a timely fashion. SOS gives balanced advice leading to a satisfactory outcome."
J. David Collado
Food Service / Winter Gardens Quality Foods, Inc.
“We moved our worker’s compensation insurance coverage to Synergy a few years ago when we recognized our need to refocus our efforts on managing our claims and deepening our culture of safety. Synergy has delivered. Their early intervention and proactive approach to claims management has made a significant difference in our organization. We value their services and are pleased to partner with them.”
Ed Brubaker
Healthcare / Living Branches
“Synergy and SOS has brought awareness to leadership and the employees on Safety and handling incidents. They have provided us with education and training that has helped our workforce which has translated to a reduction in employee injuries and employees not being out of work. This has helped us reduce the burden for mandatory overtime in turn helping us to save money.”
Gina DiPippa
Non-Profit / Mid-Atlantic Youth Services
We are pleased to express our gratitude for the extraordinary standard of service we receive from Synergy Insurance Company and SOS Consulting. We had the fortunate opportunity to partner with Synergy Insurance and SOS Consulting for our workers compensation starting in 2012. The business model they have in place has enabled our company to go from being ranked 443rd in our industry to number 1. In this same period of time our experience mod has gone from 0.972 to 0.644! Their analysis of loss and exposure, claims review and loss prevention have provided a safer work environment for our company and employees. Margaret Wagner from SOS Consulting and Jacqueline Frias, from Synergy Insurance company have provided immeasurable value to our safety program. Their passion for their job, high level of professional service and quality support has allowed us to achieve three consecutive years with no loss time injuries. Our partnership with Synergy and SOS has proved invaluable and we look forward to many years of continued success.
Anthony J. Blosenski, Sr.
Waste Haulers / A.J. Blosenski. Inc
"We had been experiencing a large number of injuries at our production facility. With the help of Synergy Comp, we have been able to significantly reduce the number and severity of these injuries. Synergy Comp Insurance Company is the only insurance company that we have worked with that is honestly interested in helping not only our bottom line but every person in the company. Safety on the shop floor is the primary concern, and working with the loss prevention people has been a critical and very beneficial part of the relationship. When claims are filed, they are handled quickly and expertly in order to best serve the employee and employer. I would recommend Synergy Comp Insurance Company to anyone who is interested in significantly improving plant safety and lower insurance premiums."
Andy Gamble
Manufacturing / Young Galvanizing
" I continue to be both pleased and impressed with the job you and your company are doing. Your training and follow-through are noteworthy and have enabled us to obtain considerable improvement as a company in our overall comp experience. Thank you for your excellent service. We look forward to a long relationship with you and SOS Consulting."
Paul Brooks
Healthcare / Progressive Health
"We have been with Synergy/SOS since 2006 and they have helped us tremendously. When we started with Synergy our Experience Mod. was at 1.348 and we were almost considering workers comp. through the state. Our Experience Mod. is now .717 and Synergy/SOS can take most of that credit, because they have helped us control our workers compensation costs, and to keep claims to a minimum."
Robert Jackson
Manufacturing / T Bruce, Inc.
Agent Testimonials
"Synergy Comp has been a pleasure to work with and our Underwriter is easily accessible. Their philosophy on customer service and hands-on approach complements our agency philosophy. My higher mod clients have really benefited from the Synergy approach. The entire Synergy Comp team has done a great job with my clients, and have really educated them on how claims can impact their insurance premium. The education has proven very beneficial. No other carrier can compete against Synergy Comp’s customer service and attention to detail."
Brandon Horrocks
Agent / Sterling Insurance Group
Working with Synergy Comp from start to finish has been a pleasure. As agents we all know what a pain working with certain carriers can be. Synergy is the exact opposite. From applications and meetings to proposals and follow through they have it all. Their systems are well defined and clients enjoy the experience... even though they know they are paying for it. Synergy is my "go-to" workers compensation carrier. If I have a piece of business and it is in their appetite I will sell them based on service before my clients ever see the premiums. My clients are more than pleased with the ease of doing business as well as the results they see. Many of them see not only such a dramatic drop in premium they also see the value in how easy and helpful it is to take the burden of workers compensation insurance off their plates.
Blakeley Jackson
Agent / Wright Gardner Insurance
Synergy Comp has been such a pleasure to work with. Our underwriter, Anne Schools (Wells), is so easy to work with and is easily accessible. Their philosophy on customer service and hands-on approach works hand in hand with our same philosophy, so I am confident when we bring them in to my client, that my client will receive amazing service from their entire team. Synergy Comp and SOS Consulting have done an amazing job with my clients, and have really made them aware of how claims can be detrimental to their insurance premium. The education for the clients is so incredibly valuable. No other carrier can compete against Synergy Comp’s customer service and attention to detail.
Vanessa Routzahan
Commercial Insurance Account Executive / Wright Gardner
"Synergy is awesome! I have never had a company go to so much work to help me write an account. As impressed as I was with the effort, I was even more impressed after the sale. Everyone has gone above and beyond to exceed expectations."
Joseph Keith, CWCA
Teeter Group
"Our experience with Synergy has been nothing short of AMAZING! Synergy has been able to get “Buy In” from the owners and made major impacts on the culture of the workforce. We have seen a dramatic reduction in the number of claims, the dollars being spent, and indemnity claims have nearly disappeared. The results have been fantastic! I would love to use Synergy for all of my clients!"
David Hughes
President / Sprowls Insurance Group

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