Video Testimonials

A.J. Blosenski, Inc.

Rachael Farber


Rachael Farber, Human Resources Director, discusses how the Synergy Comp and the SOS Model has heightened the company’s safety awareness which in return has reduced claim’s frequency.


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ALL Holding Company, LLC

Phil McClay

Upon partnering with Synergy Comp, the HR manager, supervisors, and account executives at ALL Holding Company, LLC began working with Claims Management and Loss Prevention to drive claim costs down and increase safety awareness throughout the organization. Read More.

Cross Keys Village

Christy Beckner

Christy Beckner, Benefits and Risk Manager, discusses how the Brethren Homes Community, Synergy Comp and SOS Safety Solutions have worked hand-in-hand to cut average claim costs in half. Read More. 

American Eagle Paper Mills

Michael Grimm

The CEO of American Eagle Paper Mills, Michael Grimm, elaborates on how Synergy Comp has implemented corrective actions to decrease safety hazards and ensure employees go home safely at the end of each day. Read More.

Mid-Atlantic Youth Services

Tim McCauley

Tim McCauley, HR/Office Manager, speaks to Synergy Comp’s ability to implement culture changes at their facility and the creation of a safer work environment. Read More.

Roll Forming Corp

Alec Moyer

Alec discusses how Synergy’s hands on approach improved the safety culture at his organization while saving on costs.

Williamsport Home

Don Pote

Don discusses how Synergy has developed new programs that have dropped claims and losses.

Young Galvanizing

Andy Gamble

Andy discusses the benefits of partnership with Synergy Comp.

Brownsville Marine

Tim Scheib

Tim discusses how claim costs dropped by 5x after working with Synergy Comp. Read More.

Berkley Medical Resources, Inc.

John Berkley

John, Berkley, President & CEO of Berkley Medical Resources, Inc., talks about how Synergy Comp fosters and maintains a safety conscious work environment. Read More.

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