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Synergy Comp’s Program Is Different

Are you having trouble finding the answer to your workers’ compensation challenges? That means you’re asking the wrong question. Our team of workers’ compensation insurance specialists can help.


At Synergy Comp, we believe the question shouldn’t be how much workers’ comp insurance costs, but whether the dollars spent can actually generate ROI that strengthens your bottom line. For the companies that partner with Synergy Comp, the answer is a resounding YES. We generate ROI by seamlessly combining innovative claims resolution, risk management, and loss prevention strategies into the most effective workers’ compensation and workplace safety solutions available today.


Then we do more. Using our unique hands-on approach, we work with the CEO, the management team, and the employees to create a culture that fosters communication and embraces safety as a core operating principle. Synergy Comp’s three-pronged combination of CEO commitment, claims management, and loss prevention results in a Synergy of Safety® that reduces workplace injuries, increases productivity and substantially enhances the profitability of the companies that partner with us.


If you’ve been searching for a solution to your workers’ compensation challenges that will enable you to cut costs by as much as 62% while generating an impressive return on investment on the dollars you do spend, you’ve found it: the workers’ compensation insurance specialists at Synergy Comp.

  • A single Claims Manager assigned to a client
  • Claims Manager handle about 35% of industry average
  • All claims handled as if they could be litigated
  • Dedicated Loss Prevention Consultant
  • An extension of your safety program
  • Supports culture change towards a safer environment
  • Identify high-risk areas
  • Addresses human factors
  • Develops and shares monthly dashboards

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