Safety Resources

The individualized SOS™ Business Plan will focus on the specific changes and challenges that are unique to each business.  The overall goal is to create a safer work environment, reduce accidents, lower the Workers’ Compensation premium, and ultimately increase our client’s profitability.


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Safety National is an online training resource that improves the safety performance of your whole team while building a culture of safety.   Our team provides training sessions for all managers, supervisors, and employees during which we set clear expectations for both proactive and reactive safety behaviors.


Safety National RE Is A Secure, Web-Based Application that Enables Employers to Track Injuries, Print All Required OSHA Reports, and View Injury Metrics in Real-Time. In less than 5 minutes, you’ll go from injury entry to completing all required OSHA documents. OSHA Logs are important for employers, workers and OSHA in evaluating the safety of a workplace, understanding industry hazards, and implementing corrective actions to reduce and eliminate hazards.



If you need help with any resources or have any questions, please feel free to call us at  1.877.704.7060