What We Do

We make the workplace safer, which helps your company to increase profitability. Creating an environment where employees feel safe leads them to be more productive and engaged. Having an established, safe work environment will ultimately lower your workers’ compensation premiums and increase profits.


We help to reduce workplace injuries. We work to create and implement a customized loss prevention business plan for each client. This is the core of our workers’ compensation solution. All elements of the SOS model are focused on the changes needed to reduce injuries.


The Synergy of Safety® (SOS) model will change your safety culture by improving the performances of your supervisors and employees. SOS clients see an increase in productivity and a decrease in lost time and fraudulent claims when our model is fully implemented.


Our proactive approach is a multi-stage process in which we systematically analyze dozens of critical HR components and report back our findings, along with a series of prioritized recommendations. The process review, analysis, report, and recommendations are all included with the client’s annual SOS Safety Solution fee.


Clients can choose to implement the recommendations themselves or allow us to leverage our bank of best practices and proven history of successful implementation to work along with them and bring the recommendations to life.

Synergy of Safety® Our Trademark Process Is Outlined Below


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