workers' comp process for agents and brokers

For Agents and Brokers – Our Process

Our workers’ compensation process is designed so that we fully understand your client’s business before we enter into a relationship.


Once we receive a submission in house, we confirm that the submission is complete. Should a submission require more information, we will promptly advise you of what additional information is required.


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Review Submission


Our first step is to review the submission and present it to our underwriting committee. This committee, comprised of our claimsloss prevention, underwriting, and senior management team members, reviews the submission, and we discuss whether Synergy Comp will be able to make a positive impact on the client’s business, whether the client is receptive to Transitional Return To Work, and that the risk falls within our reinsurance guidelines.


Following this review, we reach out to you and advise if we can continue to move forward with the opportunity. If we are able to move forward, the next step in our workers’ comp process is the Loss Prevention (LP) walk-through.

Schedule Walk Through


The loss prevention walk-through is comprised of an initial meeting with the client, our underwriter, the insurance agency representative(s), and a Safety Professional from our SOS Safety Solutions group. The walk-through, which lasts approximately 90 minutes, begins with a discussion of the Synergy Comp process and a series of questions designed to allow us to better understand the client’s business. This initial part of the meeting is typically held with a member of the client’s executive or human resources team.


Following the discussion portion, we then do a site tour of the operations. This is usually led by the client’s safety director, plant manager, or someone familiar with the operations and safety practices.


Upon completion of the walk-through, we make a second decision to continue moving forward. As the agent, you will be kept apprised of our decision. Criteria for not moving forward may be a resistance from the client on Transitional Return To Work or an identification of a risk outside our reinsurance restrictions.


If we continue forward with the opportunity, our next step is to create a formal loss pick and price the risk.



At the underwriting meeting, following the walk-through, we review the evaluation package prepared by the Safety Professional following the client site walk-through. The Safety Professional is also available by phone to discuss any specifics risks or to elaborate on things the prospective client is doing well.


The committee then establishes a price for the risk. Coupled with the insurance price is the price for the SOS Safety Solutions services, which is the investment made by the client to improve safety culture and the first step in lowering the cost of insurance over time.

Schedule Proposal Meeting


We then work with you to schedule a proposal meeting at the client’s facility, discuss who should attend the meeting, and provide general pricing information. If you are presenting more than one option, or if you are providing information on other insurance lines such as Property and Casualty, we will present our solution and leave, providing you time to discuss the merits of our solution with your client. Our presentation involves a review of past experience, an overview of our workers’ comp process and where we think we can impact the client, and a discussion of direct and indirect costs and savings potential.


The proposal meeting gives the client an opportunity to fully understand our solution and the potential impact on their business, both from a direct cost standpoint and, more importantly, from an indirect cost standpoint. This indirect cost is typically the much more significant part of the overall costs and is usually unseen, like the below-water portion of an iceberg.


Following the proposal meeting, we are always available to address any questions you or the client may have as a result of our meeting or subsequent discussion so that the client makes the best decision for the future of the business.

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